Welcome to Precision Darts New Website!!

Precision Darts was established in August of 1992 by Holly Bergstrom Jr. Coming from Auburn Washington with his wife Debbie (girlfriend at the time) he dreamed of bringing to Northern Nevada the fun and excitement of soft tip darts. Holly started as an operator with Medalist then after a while decided that he could do more for his players on his own.

Holly then decided to quit Medalist and start his own leagues. In doing so it not only allowed him to give more to the players, but it also allowed him to start enjoying the game again. Over the last several years Holly has taught the game as well as the strageties and has been leading Northern Nevada Dart Players to many local tournaments and National one's as well.

Every April he takes a group of players to Las Vegas for the "Team Dart" Nationals, and in September of every year to the Desert Dart Classics in Laughlin Nevada. Every year Holly hold's a playoff tournament and the top players are partially sponsored by Precision Darts when they get there.

Precision Darts would like to Thank everyone who has helped Holly in the past with these events and Thanks all our loyal players who of course without you we would not be.!!!


 Precision Darts. P.O. Box 20676, Carson City, NV 89721 ..Phone 775-741-5292 Fax 775-884-0797

Email: precisiondarts@hotmail.com  or precdart@sbcglobal.net